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MARKET INSIGHT: Compounding Pharmacy Industry 2018

This Market Insight report covers the Compounding Pharmacy Industry in 2018. There are two types of compounding pharmacies, 503A and 503B. A 503A is a compounding pharmacy that makes or alters drugs that are prescribed by doctors for specific patients with needs that can’t be met by commercially available drugs. 503Bs are “outsourcing facilities” that manufacture large batches with or without specific prescription demand to be sold to healthcare facilities for medical office use in hopes of bridging the gap between traditional pharmacy compounding and industrial manufacturing.

In 2017, the Compounding Pharmacies Market as a whole was valued at ~$8.5bn and is expected to grow to ~$12.5bn by 2024, an implied CAGR of ~5.0%. The 503B market currently sits at < $1.5bn.

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